Exploration Drilling

Complete Exploration Drilling Solutions

HGS Australia specialises in exploration drilling for the mineral exploration industry. Our team has over 30 years of industry experience and aims to meet drill targets on time, and on budget.

HGS now has drill rigs for Diamond, RC, AC, RAB & Auger drilling. Rigs include the following:

Schramm 685 RC drill rig

Large capacity RC rigs capable of +350m

Javelin AC drill 2

Javelin AC drill rig capable to 150m

Desco 5500 Snowy mountains

Desco 5500 Diamond drilling: NQ to 550m, HQ to 450m, PQ to 250/300m.

Desco6500  (1)

Desco 6500:  NQ – 800 m, HQ – 650m, PQ 350 m.

photo small

BMP 250: Heli-portable: 150/200 NQ , HQ – 125, PQ  75m. Mount on anything to go. Picture shows rig and support equipment on transportable sleds for operations within soft soils or salt lakes.

Commercial scales

Commercial scales for RC bag weighing.


We offer fixed meter, day or campaign rates fully inclusive (that’s right! No hidden costs). This greatly assists with budgeting. You know exactly what your paying for.

For the most innovative, advanced and complete drilling solutions available in Australia, you can count on HGS Australia.

For further information or to arrange a quote, call us on + 61 (08) 6201 9005.