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Want to find deep ore deposits quickly and accurately?

HGS specialises in geochemistry and can perform any method from inception to interpretation and recommendations.

We have operated all over Western Australia and in the Pine Creek region of Northern Territory performing all methods of geochemistry. We have experienced personnel and only use the best equipment t perform this work in harsh terrains.


MMI (Mobile Metal Ion) Geochemistry

We do specialise in a particular method and have a track record of finds using Mobile Metal Ion geochemistry. Mobile Metal Ion (MMI™) Geochemistry is a relatively new and exciting exploration technique, which has been successfully employed throughout the world to find deeply buried mineral deposits.

MMI is a proven exploration technique!

How does it work?

When metal ions migrate to the surface from a body of buried ore, they attach themselves loosely to soil particles. Once on the surface, these ‘mobile’ particles have a limited lifespan, so they do not move far from the source. They are immediately subjected to weather and erosion, and due to the soil forming process become ‘bound ions’ very quickly.

As its name suggests, Mobile Metal Ion Technology identifies ‘mobile’ metal ions in soil and can therefore produce accurate information about the exact location of buried ore. By using innovative soil sampling techniques, various compounds, instrumentation, ratios and combinations, the geological impression and identification of most minable commodities can be recognised early.

MMI is an extremely effective exploration technique that identifies more precise drill hole targets than current methods for a fraction of the cost.

Benefits of using MMI Technology:

  • Detection of deeply burned mineralisation
  • Definition of metal zones and associations
  • Excellent repeatability
  • Few false anomalies
  • Focused, sharp anomalies
  • Low limits of detection


HGS Australia has extensive experience in the field of MMI Geochemistry. We work closely with our clients to meet their exact requirements, and ensure all work is carried out to the highest standards for optimum results.

For further information about this unique geochemical survey technique, contact HGS Australia on (08) 6201 9005.